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Dairy Queen Valentine Cakes


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DQ Valentine's Day Cakes

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Dairy Queen Make Valentine's Day Cake?

Yes Dairy Queen makes Valentine's Day Cakes. Choose our famous heart cake or our popular Cupid Cake which is perfect for two people.

What is a Cupid Cake?

A Cupid Cake is Dairy Queen's heart shaped ice cream cake for two people. The DQ Cupid Cake is made with Dairy Queen Blizzard flavors. DQ varies the flavor of the Cupid each year with recent cupid cake flavors being Red Velvet Cake and Dipped Strawberry with Ghirardelli Chocolate.

How Many People does DQ Cupid Cake Serve?

The Dairy Queen Cupid Cake is perfect for 2 - 4 people.

Does Dairy Queen Deliver Valentine's Day Cakes?

Yes, BayDQ Dairy Queen offers Valentine Cake Delivery through DoorDash, UberEats, and GrubHub. Dairy Queen Delivery information.

Does Dairy Queen Have a Valentine Blizzard?

Yes. Dairy Queen's February Blizzard of the month is our Valentine Blizzard.

Can You Order Valentine Cakes Online?

Yes. Dairy Queen Cakes can be ordered online at

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